TCI Global

Transforming Communities for Inclusion (TCI)

Transforming Communities for Inclusion (TCI) is a post-CRPD movement of persons with psychosocial disabilities and its cross-disability supporters. It is a membership-based global OPD (Organization of persons with disabilities).

The identity of ‘Persons with psychosocial disabilities’ has been derived from the CRPD description of disability and is inclusive of persons who identify as ‘users and survivors of psychiatry’, ‘mad’ persons’ and persons with intersectional and neurodiverse identities, including persons with psychosocial disabilities.

In TCI, we say that, any attribution of ‘mental illness’ by service providers, or society at large, will also evoke the same legal, societal barriers to participation: Such persons are also part of our movement. So are persons who may never have used a mental health service, but experience high restriction of participation due to social, legal, attitudinal barriers to their neurodiversity.

In these years, persons and groups with neurodiverse identities (cognitive disability, learning disability, ADHD and autistic persons) also participated in our webinars, reached out for membership, etc. We leave it to the persons with disabilities to define their belonging to TCI, and are inclusive in admitting applications for membership, of a self-advocate. We have, in these years, built a strong alliance with OPDs of persons with intellectual disabilities, such as Inclusion International, based on our common experience of exclusion.

Our Vision

TCI envisions the full inclusion and effective participation of all persons with psychosocial disabilities, users and survivors of psychiatry, mad persons, persons with intersectional and neurodiverse identities, and all persons who self identify as a person facing high restriction of participation and exclusion due to attributions of ‘mental disorders’.

Our Purpose

Over the years, TCI has sustained its focus on the Right to live independently in the community and be included (Article 19 of the CRPD). This has many different strategies and opportunities in different country contexts and we have engaged our members to define their advocacy based on national experiences.

The legacy of our worldwide movement

TCI is inspired by the strong history and legacy of the movements of users and survivors of psychiatry, ex-patients’ liberation movements and a variety of mad pride movements, which have existed since the 1960s. We pay our respect to those leaders. The founding members of TCI joined the World Network of Users and Survivors of Psychiatry and the international disability caucus at the time, in fighting hard to get a CRPD that ‘we can live with’. In 2013, when interested persons with diverse identities met, and discussed the identity question. This happened through a 5 day intensive workshop titled, ‘Transforming Communities for Inclusion’, organized by the Bapu Trust for Research on Mind & Discourse, in Pune. Here a new vision for Inclusion, based on the evolving identity of ‘persons with psychosocial disabilities’ was created. Empowered by the extraordinary vision and guidance of the CRPD, TCI’s purpose is to situate ourselves at the center of the cross-disability movements at the national, regional and global levels, as a way to reclaim our dignity and autonomy and experience our independence to realize our right to live in the community.

Our Mission

TCI (Global) sets an example on the importance of Socratic Dialogue- using peaceful means towards reaching the goal of preparing and transforming the communities for the inclusion of people with psychosocial disabilities.

To provide a global platform for people with psychosocial disabilities to create a common vision for advocacy for our inclusion at the national level.

To develop status, white and strategy papers for advocacy actions with respect to laws, policies, and institutional relationships in the region, to facilitate an enabling environment, for the full inclusion of people with psychosocial disabilities.

To mobilize persons with psychosocial disabilities and cross disability supporters, to advocate for our inclusion within disability and development through well formed program instruments including Fellowships, Microgrants, Country Missions, Multi-stakeholder platforms, etc.

To support and encourage multi-national, multi-regional, south-south and north south collaborations and to facilitate and participate in sub-regional, regional thematic consultations, plenaries and global plenaries of DPOs of persons with psychosocial disabilities and our cross disability supporters.

To lead, partake of and contribute to global advocacy on the full realization of our human rights, particularly Article 19 (Living independently and being included in the community), by collaborating and influencing various INGOs, think tanks, co-operations, academia, and efforts by UN agencies, for transforming all development sectors and actors for our inclusion.

To envision and enable human rights-based, CRPD compliant community mental health and inclusion services, for persons with psychosocial disabilities, by capacity building of DPOs in the creation of violence-free social habitats, “building back better”, community support systems and expanding choice in the realm of wellbeing services and inclusion practices.

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