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Transforming Communities for Inclusion (TCI) is a post-CRPD movement of persons with psychosocial disabilities and its cross-disability supporters. It is a membership-based global OPD (Organization of persons with disabilities).
The identity of ‘Persons with psychosocial disabilities’ has been derived from the CRPD description of disability and is inclusive of persons who identify as ‘users and survivors of psychiatry’, ‘mad’ persons’ and persons with intersectional and neurodiverse identities, including persons with psychosocial disabilities.
In these years, persons and groups with neurodiverse identities (cognitive disability, learning disability, ADHD and autistic persons) also participated in our webinars, reached out for membership, etc. We leave it to the persons with disabilities to define their belonging to TCI, and are inclusive in admitting applications for membership, of a self-advocate. We have, in these years, built a strong alliance with OPDs of persons with intellectual disabilities, such as Inclusion International, based on our common experience of exclusion.
In TCI, we say that, any attribution of ‘mental illness’ by service providers, or society at large, will also evoke the same legal, societal barriers to participation: Such persons are also part of our movement. So are persons who may never have used a mental health service, but experience high restriction of participation due to social, legal, attitudinal barriers to their neurodiversity.
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