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Fellowship/DPO Formation

TCI has now opened the call for applications for its Fellowship Program 2023.

The core objective of this program is to build and capacity cadres worldwide with national level program engagements, and continued regional and global engagements. This will strengthen the TCI movement. The Fellowship will reframe the global ‘mental health’ momentum to a global ‘inclusion’ momentum, with CRPD guidance. It will build strong capacity of national groups of persons with psychosocial disabilities to carry out advocacy and social innovation in line with the CRPD.

Who can Apply?
1) Emerging national leaders especially those interested in starting an OPD of persons with psychosocial disabilities at the national level
2) Persons with psychosocial disabilities those desiring to start an independent peer led support service in line with UNCRPD
3) National leaders who are already part of or leading a Organization of persons with psychosocial disability and significantly contributing to national, regional and global advocacy

People who are interested to apply will have to submit their application along with requested supported documents to the TCI secretariat before 15th January 2023 on

TCI Fellowships Policy Note 2023

TCI Fellowships Policy
Note 2023

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