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Fellowship/DPO Formation

TCI Fellowships are provided to support members from the Global South countries to build their work at the national level and be of influence within movements and the policy environment. In some countries, there are no organizations for persons with psychosocial disabilities, while in some, TCI members are slowly organizing as groups and young organizations. Mostly OPDs are still confronted in most countries to threats – legal system failures, lack of political will, public opinion bias and prejudices, conventional service provision with its colonial bias, no funding and industry vested interests to name a few. Moreover, the national coalition and cross disability movements do not have adequate representation from the constituency of persons with psychosocial disabilities.

TCI fellowships have been a great medium to build the capacity of the national leaders and their OPDs to carry out stronger advocacy and social innovation in line with the CRPD, and to reframe their overall advocacy at the national level as an “inclusion” movement.

Our Fellows

2023 - 2024





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