TCI Global

Launch of Community of Practice on Deinstitutionalization (CoP on DI) - Flyer

TCI Global in collaboration CBM-A with is excited to announce the launch of our new Community of Practice (CoP) focused on deinstitutionalization (DI) processes in member countries: CoP on DI.

This initiative aims to create a supportive, learning, and collaborative space for TCI members working on deinstitutionalization processes in their respective countries to develop and share:

  • Possible resources on de-institutionalization,
  • Sharing best practices, and
  • Provide technical assistance (mentoring, networking, etc.) for initiating grassroots-level support programs

Globally, there is a small number of OPDs working on deinstitutionalization, in their own ways, to address the process and nuances of implementing it. TCI intends to convene and facilitate a Community of Practice (CoP) for their members working on national-level deinstitutionalization processes to capture deeper insights into DI practices that can be used for further advocacy and knowledge sharing at national, regional and global levels.