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Country Missions and Exploratory Visits

Country Missions are mobilization visits organized with the aim of identifying, engaging and working with movements of persons of psychosocial disabilities in the region. As a way of bringing persons with psychosocial disabilities, empower their OPDs and dialogue with multiple stakeholders, TCI has organized dozens of physical Country Missions since inception. During COVID times, online Country Missions were also organized. When there is an invitation by a local OPD, emerging voices of people with psychosocial disabilities, or a support agency, to visit a country, a “Mission” is put together. The objectives of Country Mission are as follows:
  1. To mobilize persons with psychosocial disabilities and prepare for the formation of a OPD of persons with psychosocial disabilities.
  2. To exchange and engage with the cross disability movement, to pave the way for the inclusion of persons with psychosocial disabilities.
  3. Meet and exchange with persons with psychosocial disabilities in the country.
  4. To provide CRPD trainings to the OPDs.
  5. To identify national, emerging leaders and to mentor and strengthen their work.
Missions have had positive outcomes including:
  • National ODP formations
  • Facilitating active dialogue with the government
  • Taking role of consultant with the government
  • Trainings on CRPD to persons with psychosocial disability
  • Engaging in meaningful dialogue with family groups and mental health service providers
  • Strengthening national advocacy
  • Facilitating sub regional and regional co-operations among peers and mobilization of members at the national level.
As a concluding event to these Missions, a multistakeholder meeting is organized. TCI organises these country level multi stakeholder meeting to mobilize with different key stakeholders possibly including TCI members, cross disability leaders from the region, policy makers, NGOs, INGOs, UN agencies etc. The TCI multi stakeholders are a way to ensure constructive dialogue and engagement between persons with psychosocial disabilities and various stakeholders. We (people with psychosocial disabilities) are mostly left out during important discussions at the national level as well as at the regional levels and we take this opportunity to engage with all kinds of stakeholders in conversations about our Inclusion in the decision making processes.


South Korea

November 17-21, 2015

Fiji Islands

May 17-23, 2016

Second: February 7-16, 2019

Sri Lanka

July 25-30, 2016


December 6-8, 2019


October 8-13, 2017

East Timor



July 22-23, 2019


November 22-23, 2017

China (2 Visits)


Hong Kong

June 22-23, 2013





Indonesia (2 Visits)







Chinese Subregions




January 2019


January 2022