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TCI Asia Pacific Plenary in Bali, August 2018

A group of persons with psychosocial disabilities, and some cross disability supporters, in Asia connected and met regularly, since 2012, with the support of the Bapu Trust, Pune ( and the International Disability Alliance ( The group took the name of “TransAsian strategy group” (2012-2014), eventually becoming, “Transforming Communities for Inclusion of persons with psychosocial disabilities – Asia” (TCI-Asia), in Bangkok, in November of 2014; and TCI Asia Pacific in Bali, August of 2018.

Participants to the first Asia workshop on ‘Transforming communities for Inclusion’ who met in Pune, India, in May 2013, decided to build an identity location as ‘persons with psychosocial disabilities’, considering this identity to be more inclusive of diversity than ‘user and survivor of psychiatry’.

Article 19 (Right to live independently and be included in communities) was always an attractive advocacy topic for us in Asia: Inclusion. We recognized that inclusion will not happen unless communities are transformed: Hence the name: “Transforming communities for the inclusion of persons with psychosocial disabilities” and the focus on Article 19, that gives a universal guidance on what needs to happen for the right to Inclusion (Article 19) to be realized.

In December of 2020, considering its unique positioning as an ‘inclusion movement’, TCI Asia Pacific decided to become TCI, a global organization of persons with psychosocial disabilities, and other identities thereof.