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Subregional Meetings

The aim of the subregional meeting is to gather members of our constituency, engage in discussions and discourses highlighting the present state in their countries. Discussions also focus on what we need to create inclusive communities and sharpen advocacy skills within the larger aim of inclusion within development. These sessions also aid in making an impact on policy makers and influencers in the region to propel the inclusion of persons with psychosocial disabilities within policies and programs. These meetings are followed by a multistakeholder meeting. A strong dialogue culture prevails in the works of TCI and multistakeholder meetings are a way of ensuring constructive engagement with various stakeholders.

South Asia
Subregional Meeting (Physical)

South Asia Subregional Nepal Group Picture

Kathmandu, Nepal
July 25-26, 2019
July 27, 2019 (MS meeting)

South Asia
Subregional Meeting

November 4-5, 2020
November 6, 2020 (MS meeting)

East Africa
Subregional Meeting (Physical)

Addis Ababa, Ethiopia
July 25-26, 2022
July 27, 2022 (MS meeting)