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Started in 2014, TCI Asia Pacific has created a pedagogy and learning environments for its DPO members and partners on the Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities (CRPD). Such resources includes

The Bali Declaration
The “Classic Edition Bali Plenary Report

TCI has participated in advocacy on the inclusion of persons with psychosocial disabilities through country missions, stakeholder meetings, academic conferences, global convenings of world organizations of persons with psychosocial disabilities, and global policy meetings within the HRC and the United Nations more broadly. TCI has been a strong influencer of global, regional and national cross disability organizations, has run campaigns, and created different kinds of resources for its advocacy. Some have been developed in partnership with national DPO members and not available in English; However, other resources are shared in this section.

Cover Page of Photo Story

Transforming Communities for Inclusion: Examples of practice
(A Photo Story)

WGCI Startegy Meeting Learning Report

TCI CFI SRDisabilities Re-Imagining Services

TCI statement of solidarity with Ukraine and its people

WhatWENeed Report 2022

A Synthesis Report of the Exploratory Visit to Maldives

TCI #WhatWENeed Campaign 2020

TCI Global Submission for General discussion on EIRWDMS (CEDAW)

COVID-19 and Persons with Psychosocial Disabilities

TCI Report Tonga Country Mission

Submission to the UNCRPD Monitoring Committee, Day of General Discussion, Article 19

TCI Asia Pacific Report on 'Classic Edition' Plenary

Planning and Conducting A 'Country Mission'

Felicitating the Special Rapporteur (Health), Dr. Danius Puras' For His Final Report to the HRC

Refreshing The African Momentum: TCI in East Africa

The condition of people with psychosocial disability who lived in confinement or shackling, during and post-disaster in Central Sulawesi by IMHA

Human Rights of persons with psychosocial disabilities in the post 2015 Inclusive Development Agenda: Towards HLMDD, September 2013

Discussion Paper on Global Mental Health and Human Rights History and the Need for Change

TCI Global Submission for General Comment on Article 11 CRPD