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Disrupting Colonialism & Biomedical Reductionism in Mental Health: Enhancing Equity & Protecting Human Rights

This webinar brings together activists to discuss the ways in which biomedical reach in mental health is experienced differently in the Global South and Global North. Speakers will address the question of what it means to protect human rights amidst growing global biomedical dominance in colonial contexts both at an individual and systemic level. They will provide examples of community action and resistance against individualistic understandings of mental health in favour of democratic rights and equity enhancing practices. In this webinar speakers will:

  • Discuss colonialism and biomedical reductionism in mental health to surface their impact and role in undermining equity and human rights.
  • Discuss policy and practice frameworks that exemplify the values embodied in intersectionality and theories of social justice.
  • Provide examples of advocacy and contributions to movement building and transformative change with communities.